From Nchiraa with love

I’ve not been in a good mood since Mugabe resigned.This quote from his adversaries still lingers on in my mind;” “Success is not sexually transmitted”. If it was, then Mugabe would have
succeeded in abdicating his “throne” and relinquishing power to his wife but surely that wouldn’t deter me from coming home with love from my brief sojourn in Nchiraa.

My unbelief about love at first sight is one which is real.

I met this girl and my voice started to tremble. Wow! love is in the air.

*Love at first sight* has caught me red handed. My feelings somewhat uncontrollable.
She agrees to my first proposal. What a mesmerizing feeling? I’m so much into her. We strolled the high streets of Nchiraa every evening holding each other’s hand. I have found the love of my life. Hmmm!

I had not the slightest clue that her behaviour will later shock me just as I got the shock of my life after seeing a cock and a hen mate for the very first time. “Ntoma kata ade3 so” meaning there’s something hidden within. It became clear i was used as bait to get to her ex lover.

As i always say, “fear a man and a woman scorned.” They enter into relationships with extremist mindsets greater than the ideologies of ISIS. Oh don’t panic! A euphimist mind at play.

The weakness of a man is not how he professes love but how he’s intune with his emotions . In this male chauvinistic world, a man who professes love to a woman intensely is seen as a weak vessel.

There’s divine authority for a man to love a woman and a woman to submit, albeit, it doesn’t mean a woman should be a walk over.
Feminists reading, don’t cut my throat for speaking the truth. Modernity will never change this fact.

First impression is a lasting impression.This principle completely erases the dynamism of human nature.

In my quest to love again, i look beyond the physical. An advice given by my elder sister, “Kokote,the inner being of people is what matters.”
It sounds contradictory. She said “kokote becareful of the women there.”
You can catch the “bedianko” disease. Its not delusional.It’s in fact true”

You can force a goat to the riverside but you cannot force it to drink water.




The pressure on managers to meet business expectations has compelled them to ignore the most important aspect of the job which is the understanding of the psychological make-up of their subordinates . If you understand your reports ,you’ve simply unlocked their potential which will drive later performance.

Little catches are just as important as big

I have worked under three great managers and all have a common trait- their desire to achieve great results. What distinguishes them is their approach in managing people.

The first is humane. He gives you freedom to succeed. Honestly,he lets you know how to play it safe. Your development is in your own hands with this manager.

The second manager is very humane, demanding and a great coach. He guides you on what needs to be done, grows your confidence and self belief. You will have a sense of responsibility.

The third manager is demanding. He thrives on perception with his eyes only on results. Not a good coach but expects things to be done.With this manager, you will have to seek mentorship from others.

One will wonder why i referred to all three as great managers?

Each of them contributed to my growth.

I know for a fact that for an employee to perform at his utmost best, his or her psychological status at a point in time is paramount to meeting performance expectations.

There are four critical things a manager should build with his team- self belief, trust, respect and equality.

Treat all team members equally with respect and you will earn their commitment and loyalty.

Understanding the psychological make-up of an employee at any given time on the job is of great importance as making sure the job itself is done.

There’s no doubt there is a performance contract between an employee and an employer where the former has an obligation to work assiduosly to complete his part of the bargain but there’s also an obligation on the employer to create a good work environment for employees for the realisation of wide organisational goals.

It is ridiculous to suggest that a person is employed to perform whether or not the condition precedent in ensuring he or she succeeds is unfavourable.

Ignite an employee’s passion,show personal warmth in his life and you will see an upsurge in performance. Extrinsic motivation is as important as intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation as praising a subordinate for a good job done builds strong belief.

Did you know that strong belief in employees can tremendously shake up their attitude towards work and as such improve performance?
A human approach is adopted in managing people because all subordinates have different psychological make-up that define their personality.

I think a robotic approach is much needed in managing robots not human beings.

Some people are more suited in managing robots than people. Robots have no feelings and mind so you can dictate what needs to be done. I call such people “robotic supervisors”.Managers then should be given remote controls to use as it much suits.

Getting the job done doesn’t mean trampling upon their dignity.

Hardcore leaders will frown on this approach. The job is what matters and any other thing is secondary.

” Achieve all your deliverables. Who cares about how you feel and how indignifying you have been treated?”

To say the least, i was dumbfounded to hear “distin”.

This is not by no means negating the fact that employees have to be accountable and take ownership of their work.

Managers should not act like they are only supervisors. supervision is part of management not a sole responsibility on its own. Don’t be like my good old headmaster who doesn’t give students breathing space.

Supervisors tend to be more mechanised in their approach. Managers should be dynamic in managing the emotional and psychological aspect of their direct reports work.

A manager should not fancy sychophancy but value hardwork and persistence of his team to achieve greater results.

Above all be of service to your followers.

Adventures of Asamoah K)k)te:”Half Clutch”

“Steer to the right,K)k)te”! We are entering a ditch”,he said swiftly.

My heart instantly fell into my stomach.Fear gripped me!

My instructor put the fear of God in me anytime we were on the road.

“Hey masa! driving is a death trap profession so be vigilant.

I don’t want to scare you but it’s what it is”, he said.

‘But I know ‘  I retorted.

Being careful is an understatement. One should possess the eyes of an Israeli old woman, the tolerance of a virtuous woman  the anticipation of a woman on heat in order to drive. 

My  instructor Agya was in his early 50’s. He held my thigh  on one  occassion because I oversped  at 60 km/h. 

Can you imagine?

Driving embarrassment is no respecter of persons.If you can’t drive admit  it and master the necessary skills. if you don’t, your ineptitudeness will  expose you.

4 weeks as a learner driver, I thought I had reached the level where I could drive without help without the slightest clue that i was no where near the  competence level.

I drove to my girlfriend’s house to pick her for a lunch date to Mawarko.

(In a joyful mood)

“I gotta show her my driving skills”,I said to myself.

“Bae hop inside so I give you a ride”, I said.

“Eiiiii K)k)te  I haven’t seen you drive before”,she replied.

“Bae I’ve been driving since the 80’s”, I commented.

(chuckles and laughter in the background)

“Hmmm!  But please don’t go and  throw me away”,she pleaded.

Her incredulous posture  reduced my morale.

In the depths of my mind I imagined myself standing within the reach of the devil with no where to turn but to the deep blue sea.

In her mind ,her boyfriend knew how to drive.

How wrong she is ?

We were approaching a high hill traffic and i started to panic.

Hmmm I no dey wan quench fire.

Fear bab me!

You’re happy when you don’t quench fire. Quenching fire seems to be a  normal  routine for learner drivers.

One of the hardest thing for a  learner driver  is being  able  to control the clutch and the accelerator  without stepping on the break  to make the car move to a halt.

During my driving lessons, there were incoming vehicles and driving past a death trap- a truck carrying logs of timber or a tipper truck. The shivers through my spine though.

At that moment, I was of two minds. Was I to veer off the road or stop and let the incoming vehicle drive past?


  I’m laughed at anytime i profess to watching kumkum baghya particularly in boys circles.I dare not bring out any conversations regarding this “twi novella”.So i keep quiet and discuss it when in ladies circles.Ghanaians and new things, we are quick to switch our allegiance of watching a particular telenovella when  its found uninteresting to another.You will see viewer ratings of that telenovela dropping steadily.We are passionate about what we watch and sometimes  don’t see telenovelas as fiction. It is seen as a real life issue.It is only in Ghana that people watch  telenovela and call in during studio discussions and advise the characters   Are we serious at all? I just can’t think far….I watched a viral video where a boy cried intensely  because  pragiya was mistreated.It’s like the days of Journey to the west and the other tv series of old.We skip some important chores and responsibilities just to watch these series. “Honey let me serve you fast,i’m going to watch kumkum baghya.” “You are going to watch kumchacha? Hell no. He’s a prophet now.Aaba and you are going watch him! Ok  Dont forget to turn off the gas stove.” Multi media’s channel adom tv,is getting more viewer rating these days because of its maiden soap opera kumkum Baghya. You can relate well with it because its translated into one of our local dialects,twi. The slow pace of translation makes it more fascinating.Its just like the passion of Christ film in twi.Very hilarious!
I mention the characters and do indepth character analysis in relation to each episode and they marvel.My friends wonder how i got so intuned to this tv series.

Nino’s night

    It had been two weeks since we entered boarding house and we had been taken through  several initiation rites  such as sprinkling of holy water and ‘ponding’.The last initiation rite was Nino’s night which was simply a celebration of imbecility and plain bufoonery.  Nothing was left to chance.To sit down and do nothing is to resign to fate.We had to perform well that night for my house to be adjudged the best in terms of “fooling”.it  fell on saturday. Prelude to the main event was smacked by a series of rehearsals.Failure to partake was a recipe for serious sponging.My house were the best performers of  the night. We thrilled the audience with our composed song.
     I had to dress in a way to make me look different.I mean dressed to kill.My make-up kit was intact.It included “blue”,powder, toothpaste and a sponge.I tied the sponge around my forehead and painted my face with the blue and the powder.i stood infront of a mirror just to have a look at my handy-work.I pantomimined and looked like a baboon.Goodness! The auditorium was lit and the audience couldn’t hide their joy.

Lets sing along 

Nino you know spy terms
Yes we are! Empty stupid sad things
California Boys we just call senior of house 4 ,
We are stupid boarders,we are useless,
Prensok) prensok)
Y’a gyimi!
Prensok) prensok)
Y’a gyimi!

A night of bliss indeed!



We’re still on the rise like rice on stew.Our rap is like the paintings of picasso which is indecipherable.The album gifted  is  giftings for the deep and a taking for the shallow.Rapper papa biochemist communes with his kinsmen with his freshly brewed love songs blended with vintage poetic lines in an african pot and dope rap lines which displays good intellect . The King with a crown adopts different literary devices such as homophones,metaphors,similes, puns and blend it seamlessly.The album features 15 talented musicians.A must listen album.
    Flowking wishes september borns HAPPY BIRTHDAY and performs RAPPING like DRUMS patterns.BAE you are my NUMBER 1 fan and i love you just THE WAY YOU ARE. Let’s GO LOW on the dance floor ODO YEWU.Feel good BAE and enjoy the REMIX.The mood in flowkingdom will be lit and ELECTRIC.AKWADAA BONE bia sometimes does good things.Lets appreciate! OHENE bia nim )brempon ahyase3.I FEEL GOOD because  WE DEY REIGN.YE GYINAM nti YEMPE DEDE.FIRE BON DEM,old SOLDIER never dies.Stop BREAKING ME DOWN.MY JUDGEMENT is just a day.We’re GRINDING like never before.HELLO kinsmen,MEKYEAKYEA mo oo!
I say to you,the REMIX version of FIRE BON DEM is dope!Don’t DISTURB,deep thinkers dey.WE finally OUT with the much anticipated gifted album.HALLELUJAH!

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Parenting can be daunting  especially when you don’t have enough money to cater for your child’s needs and wants.Every child strongly believes that his or her parent is crazily rich.Children generally love to brag to their friends about how rich their parents are.They normally say, “hw3 me papa w) sika bebree,)b3t) bicycle ama me”This preconceived notion creates tension when your child requests for something but the request is  not instantly granted. It’s either the child hussles you till you give in to his or her demands or they live broadcast proceedings by crying their hearts out.    Memories of my kindergarten and primary school days kept pouring in, when i saw a 3 year old unwilling to go to school just because he wanted to give some soaps and tins of milk  as presents to his class teacher on their “our day” but was refused any. Parents sometimes turn deaf ears to  their children’s demands because they are numerous and sometimes way too overboard. It could be text books today,next you know you’re buying a packet of center-filled(a very poupular gum).Very burdensome indeed!.Ah aden,y3abr3! You can withstand pressure from anyone but not from 6 year olds and below.You go smell pepper.

          “Our day” was a day of mixed feelings ,you enjoyed yourself to the fullest but the aftermath always turned the food in our mouths sour, the positons in class after the term were mentioned in order to know who “chop last and first”. The song on our lips all day was “Our Day di na we” Simply translated as “it’s our day eat and be last”.Ironically,those who enjoyed themselves most were those who occupied the last positions.Asamoah K)k)te always brought “buffets”  during “our days” and ended up carrying the whole class on his shoulders.Bonsour La class.what a pity!Asamoah K)k)te’s terminal report was a hidden treasure.He brought it out only when need be.

  Shout out to parents who provide for their children’s school needs even though their wards are block headed. They have the heart of gold.Its not easy brethren and sisterens to have a daughter or a son who no know book.You do your best to provide everything they need in school but they languish at the bottom of the class positional ladder. Imagine the situation whereby the only sets of eyes for your terminal report are none other but yours. A situation whereby you can’t show your terminal report to anyone except yourself.A real disappointment.